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Create Yourself

There is a type of dance human beings in relationships do; self-defense/attack.  I’m not referring to romantic relationships only.  I’m talking about all kinds of relationships; work, family and friendship. We feel insecure, we cover up by attacking.  We feel hurt, we cover up by attacking. Most of us are taught and trained to hit back when attacked.... [Read more]

Live Your Life Like An Athlete

I usually go to a spinning class on Saturday mornings. Today, as I was riding and sweat was dripping, I heard an inner-voice that said: “Do I really need this? Why am I doing this to myself?” To which one of my other inner voices responded: “I can do it. I’ll relax and commit. Just watch me.” No, I’m not turning schizophrenic. I’m just... [Read more]

Let Go Of Impatience

I was born without patience.  Actually, I was born wanting things to happen instantly.  I want it, I take action, I want the result.  Unfortunately, I have had to learn that life doesn’t work that way.  It doesn’t, simply because while I would like to be the center of the universe, I am not. Involved in everything we want are others who also... [Read more]

Don’t Delay Happiness Because Your Life Isn’t Perfect Yet

Having dreams related to work or family is a good thing.  But, not enjoying life because we haven’t achieved those dreams yet – is not. We all have goals in our lives.  They can be a better job, a partner, a family, or time.  Whatever your goals are, some will happen and some won’t.  And some will happen in a different way than you had... [Read more]

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Re-Educate, Re-Think, Re-Mind Your Mind Re-Educate, Re-Think, Re-Mind Your Mind

Below is an interesting post by Laura Berman Fortgang, a best-selling author and interfaith minister.  In it she discusses how much it is up to us to re-educate (Re-Mind) ourselves so we can have a more peaceful and fulfilling life. She talks about accepting and embracing who we are as a first step then creating an inner-dialogue as a second. And I... [Read more]

Have The Courage To Be Enthusiastic Have The Courage To Be Enthusiastic

Last year, I read an interesting piece by a writer who was trying to make the point that holding back in a romantic relationship was actually more detrimental than jumping in with both feet first. Let me explain: what she was trying to say is that as we get older and have had a few disappointing experiences we start to hold back on our enthusiasm. We... [Read more]

How To Get A Handle On Fear How To Get A Handle On Fear

Interesting blog, see below, about managing fear. Fortunately or unfortunately I have a lot to say about the subject. Our instinctual flight or fight response means exactly what it says or asks.  Do I fight or flight what is happening to me?  In seconds our brain accesses the situation and makes a decision. Twice before in my life I have been a victim... [Read more]

Staying Healthy Staying Healthy

I used to be one of those people who boasted about not having a doctor because I was never sick.  But then my husband Chris needed a liver transplant, cancer treatments and a burial.  In the end of two and a half years of pain and fighting my nervous system took a beating.  But, I didn’t realize that was the case until years later. Other things... [Read more]

The Key To Healthy Relationships The Key To Healthy Relationships

Looking through Huffpost today, I found the below post.  It addresses one of my favorite topics; we can’t be in a healthy relationship until we are healthy ourselves. The author, Denise Scarbro, talks about being in needy, self-destructive relationships for a few years because she thought those individuals were coming into her life because she had... [Read more]

Learning To Let Go Of Regrets Learning To Let Go Of Regrets

I often write about things that haunt me.  It’s my way to share my path and process.  As I learn how to untangle myself from my emotional handicaps – which are universal – I write about the methods and results. Today, I want to write about something I’ve learned quickly and well: letting go of regrets.  To me this particular lesson was a... [Read more]

Before Throwing In The Towel, Make Sure That’s What You Want Before Throwing In The Towel, Make Sure That’s What You Want

A friend of mine, I’m going to call her Annie, lived with her boyfriend for four years before they decided to get married.  They had a fabulous fun wedding and four months later she caught her new husband cheating on her.  She was so hurt, humiliated and angry that all she could think was of was to ask for a divorce.  They sold their house and... [Read more]

Stop Beating Yourself Up Stop Beating Yourself Up

For many years I suffered from an extreme behavior; that of beating myself up for things that I didn’t do or did do. I never needed anyone to hold me up to any accountability or standards.  I did that on my own and to such a high level that it was obvious that I had set myself up for failure. At a certain point, things got so bad that I even imagined... [Read more]

Life Is What Happens While You’re Busy Making Other Plans Life Is What Happens While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

Today I’m thinking of John Lennon’s quote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. I am in Rio de Janeiro visiting my parents and was ready to leave back to the US when a situation came up with my dad making me stay for another couple of days.  This time it was not his health, but his business. So, here I was yesterday... [Read more]

The Secret To A Successful Relationship The Secret To A Successful Relationship

I don’t know if it was because my late husband Chris and I had been unhappily married before, but we never took each other for granted. Three months before Chris passed away – when so much has already been taken from him – he looked at me and said: “We are one of the happiest couples I have ever known.”  He was right; we were. Chris and I... [Read more]

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