Missing God…

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Reading Rumi has made me feel somewhat nostalgic for god. I miss him. Maybe he misses me too.

Maybe god is at his wits end. After all he has tried in vain to find a language that would get through to us. Surely, he thought, with all the imagination and heart he’d poured into the flora and fauna he couldn’t fail to get his message across. Somewhere he would find a listening audience. Even a few solitary listeners would do. He knew that words and magic tricks were of no use in dealing with a cunning species that had its own words and tricks. He’d labored to find a subtler method of communicating, a more refined language, a medium that would seep in under the radar screens of human consciousness.

It just didn’t work out. Instead of unfurling our contemplative antennae, we reverse engineered the whole starburst of natural creation down to its genetic skeleton. We managed to decipher the blueprints of the assembly line; zoomed in on the infinitesimal building blocks out of which everything under (and including) the sun is made – tiny particles that don’t even exist, not really, except maybe as a dark blip through the looking glass of an electron microscope.

Pretty soon the hands of God will rise up and issue a universal gesture of surrender. Having no purpose he’ll wave his magic hand and fade finally away. And no measurable change will be detected, or noticed.

And if man should paradoxically follow in the footsteps a non-existent God – losing his way, losing any sense of coherence, losing his taste for existence in a like manner, he too will exit the universal stage. And no one will notice a thing.

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3 Responses to “Missing God…”
  1. markus7a says:

    This little parable was inspired by a complaint I overheard about how oblivious human beings generally seem to be as to the miracle of existence. Personally, I don’t think it is primarily a matter of god’s presence, abscence, existence or non-being. The complaint made me think about the stresses that tend to dominate our waking lives, and whether there are pathways by which to find our way to an experience of peace that would open the miracle of existence to view.

    On a practical level, I heard of yet another urgent report about the climate crisis today. The scientist who spoke essentially said that an upcoming conference in Copenhagen would be the last chance we have to enact serious global initiatives to turn back global warming. Otherwise we will be going over the cliff, and he described the consequences as an existential threat to our species. All I can say is pray, and thank god George Bush is no longer in the control room.

  2. deborah calla says:

    Yes we can but I hope we won’t. I hope that each day there are more people out there interested and committed to stopping our destructive path.

  3. ktullo says:

    I hope God doesn’t throw in the towel on us. I don’t think God will. Can we screw up the planet (by our own selfishness and shortsightedness) until it’s unsustainable for human life? Yes.