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I was doing some web research when I came across an article on CNN.com about a British couple who traveled to Switzerland to die together at an assisted suicide clinic.  The woman, who was 70, had fought cancer since 1992 and her husband who was 80 had terminal cancer.

Phyllis Bowrnan executive director of Right to Life, which opposes euthanasia, said their case was sad. “I think it’s very sad, particularly as they could have gone together into a hospice. A hospice with cancer — there is not uncontrollable pain. I think that with the euthanasia lobby, they feed on despair and they encourage despair rather than hope” he said.

Obviously Mr. Bowrnan has never been around anyone with terminal cancer because if he did he would know that there are pains that actually are uncontrollable.  I know that because my husband died of cancer after a 2 ½ year battle and sometimes his pain was uncontrollable. I also know about the humiliation cancer brings as one’s body comes undone.

If I could ask Mr. Bowrnan a question I would ask  “Why would a man who is 80 years old with terminal cancer want to go through excruciating physical and emotional pain to only die at the end?

I don’t know if the wife’ cancer was also terminal, but I do know she had been battleling cancer for over 20 years, in any case I understand and respect her decision for assisted suicide as well.

Why is it that others are so compelled to judge and try to interfere in decisions that make sense to the people making them because of their own set of believes?

What reasonable arguments could one possibly make to an old person with terminal cancer to convince them they had something to live for when all they have ahead is a hospital with plenty of pain?

Why can’t we as a society allow people in certain circumstances the right to leave this life in their own terms?

I am always amazed of the righteousness of certain groups that think their way of life and thinking is 100% right and should therefore be imposed on others.

I for one believe and subscribe to the right to die and hope that if we make our voices heard one day we’ll be able, if the need arises, to leave this life with dignity.

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