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Today I received an email from someone that had visited the site.  She mentioned being “nudged” by me to start writing again.  She had written a couple of books in the past and now was a French professor.

While this woman was obviously very accomplished she had also gone through many trials in her life. Events seemed to have taken the life out of her writing and so she hadn’t written anything for a few years.

How amazing that with words I was able to impact someone in a positive way.  How amazing that her email made me so satisfied.  It was not about my ego but about succeeding in doing something that was so important to me.  The Love Project was and is for me and hopefully for others, a way to focus on the positive.

I know it may sound corny or contrived but I had lost some much that I came to a point that all I wanted was to change the focus in my life.  I have not become a smiling fool.  I hurt and I get frustrated like everybody else but there is a difference; I stop to think if my being upset is really worth what is happening and I must confess in most cases it isn’t.

Life doesn’t change in its goal to keep putting obstacles in our way but what can change is how we go about overcoming them. 

I don’t know what the future will be like and who I will be but for now I’m trying to embrace all that is good within me and share with others.

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One Response to “A Special Email”
  1. jknowlton says:

    Thank you for your very kind post, Deborah. It means a great deal to me.