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Today I was watching a couple in love. 

I’m starting to miss the human touch.  Kissing, touching, and curling up together.  I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship but I’m craving physical intimacy.

As Chris got sicker, he worried about me and who would sooth away my doubts, my pain, my insecurity. 

My beautiful Chris did that for me.  He worried who would do that for me when he was no longer here.

How’s that my love story ended up like the film A Love Story?  I was supposed to be Cinderella; awaken from a deep sleep to live love.

I now dream about being touched and so I’ve become addicted to my sleep. 

With my eyes closed and my mind absent, I dream.  I dream of love, of caress.  When I wake, I take my time to transition from the world of dreams to the world which is now absent of caresses.

Oh Chris, do touch me in the night and do bring me love in the morning.  You’ve open the gates in my soul and now I can’t hold the waters back. 

But I do want the waters to wash me away in the bosom of love and hope to take as many people as possible with me.

May I, may we, have the chance to rewrite A Love Story.

And to the couple that brought up my longing please keep on loving.

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