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My dad is back in the hospital. 

My mom just called to say that in the middle of the night he felt sick and was rushed to the emergency room.  He had three more stents put into his heart.  He now has a total of fourteen stents.  He also needs to stabilize so he can undergo another surgery to clear up all the clots in his heart. 

My mother was crying and said: “He wants so much to live”.  I too want my dad so much to live. He’s eighty four and has been my rock through many ups and downs of my life.  It was him that I called when things with Chris would take a turn for the worse, knowing that he was there for me helped me to survive.

I know we’re coming to the end of our journey together and I’ll miss him very much when that happens. He has taught me that nothing stays the same and that life is really worth living.

I hope I have a little more time with him but whatever happens he knows how much I love and cherish him.

Losing Chris really taught me the importance of spending time with the people you love and care about and letting them know often how much you appreciate them. 

I have no regrets of things that I did or didn’t do with and for Chris.  I did and felt everything that I was capable of.

When my dad wakes I’ll know when I’m going to travel to Brazil to be with him but in the meantime I’ll be there in my heart and in my mind.

I love you dad.

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