How Can We Love Ourselves More?

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Be in tune with yourself –

There are a number of emotions that tend to hide what’s really going on with us.  Anger for example, is a feeling that often hides sadness and low self esteem.  If we are not in tune with ourselves we will react based on the anger we are feeling, compounding the problems, without really addressing what is really creating this destructive feeling within us.  Once we are in tune with ourselves we take care of us and life flows better.

Be your lover and best friend –

Once you are in tune with yourself you know how to take care of you when you are feeling blue.  We all have “things” that soothes us.  For example: a bath, music, meditation, wine, food, a walk.  Whatever makes you feel better, when you are in tune with yourself, you will do – just like a friend or a lover would – and soothe yourself.  Every time you take care of yourself you learn to love YOU more.

Be kind to yourself –

We often have more compassion for others than to ourselves.  All of us on this planet struggle in one way or another.  Rejoice your accomplishments – even if you think them small – and forgive your “mistakes”.  Life is about the journey, it’s about learning and changing.  We can only make changes when we make “mistakes”.

Live to the beat of your own drum –

We are all unique individuals.  We all see and process the world in a different way.  Be honest with yourself and live your life as your unique self.

And if you love yourself, you can truly love someone else.

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One Response to “How Can We Love Ourselves More?”
  1. John Lee Johann says:

    When a friend kindly expressed that who I am is more than the passion I had for my work, my first thought was defensive. I know that, and it doesn’t apply to me. But I did not reply, just listened with every ounce of strength it took to keep my mouth shut. It wasn’t so bad and in the next few days I was thinking about what she had said and was actually able to hear the truth as it applied to me. As I read this piece on loving yourself, I realized that I loved myself enough not to reject a gift prior to investigation. By not spouting off I was able to respect her good intentions and take in the concern and love she was giving me.