Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

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heart on the beach

heart on the beach

Sometimes we just take ourselves too seriously.  We have pre-conceived ideas and are often judgmental about ourselves and others.  But how much do we miss out on life by saying “no” to things just because we think they are not proper or don’t fall within the limits of the rule book?  And how much do we use judgment and rules to hide our fear behind?

Fear keeps us from being spontaneous and in the moment.  And what’s this fear about? Maybe it’s of being judged or maybe it is of consequences for being unique and doing things our own way.

Living life to the beat of our own drum requires a good amount of courage and self-esteem.  It also requires not taking ourselves so seriously and sometimes doing things just because we want to.  No thoughts about the outcome only the present experience.

Why am I talking about all of this today?  Because today I let myself go and did something I would have usually not done because of my own preconceived ideas of what a woman of wisdom and maturity should be like, and it was a good experience.  No judging.  Just being present without wondering what it all means.

We have many parts to ourselves that on the outside might seem conflicting: serious, reckless, mature, silly, but they are not.  We just need to recognize that seeming opposition can live in harmony within us.

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