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heart on the beach

heart on the beach

I had dinner with my sister in law last night and we talked about relationships.  She said she’s been watching a number of documentaries and the question that was being discussed in them was, are humans really meant to be monogamous.

I told her I didn’t know the answer to that but what I did know is that in relationships you are always making choices and decisions.

I talked about Chris.  When I got together with him I knew we would be together until one of us died.  I didn’t know it was going to happen so fast. Both Chris and I had had enough relationships to know we had something special.  Does that mean in the years we were together he didn’t feel attracted to another woman?

I doubt it.  Does that mean I wasn’t?  I can tell you I was.  But we had made the decision to commit and be together.  I realized what I had was more important and profound than any short lived thrill.  And I didn’t want anything to possibly jeopardize what I had.

Chris and I were together five years and two and a half of them he was sick.  I don’t know how things would have been if we had a chance to live many years together.  But I do have a feeling even when we got momentarily tired of each other we would remember what we had was special.

Now having said all of that, I think a relationship is whatever two people agree works for them.  So rather than trying to answer if humans are at their essence monogamous,  I say:  It is whatever fulfill your expectations of a relationship.

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