The Pleasures Of Solitute

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our orchidsI ended up having a lovely day yesterday; actually very recharging.

I had written about being in a funk in the morning – as I had been waking up feeling down and fighting the feeling throughout the day for the past few days – but then I realized it was a beautiful day.

I usually go to Yoga on Sundays but I knew I needed to do my day differently so I put the dogs in the car and went to the farmer’s market.  Walking around the market amongst the many other people with their partners and children made me feel part of a community.  I guess I could have felt lonely but I have come to a point in my own personal growth that I take the good moments for what they are, good moments.  I have learned to leave myself alone and not have the banter within that could have pointed out that while most people had others, I was alone.

I looked at all the beautiful fruits, vegetables and flowers and felt inspired to make different vegetarian dishes and decorate the house with the colorful flowers. By the time I left the market I felt great.

I drove home with the top down (I have a convertible Mini-Cooper) and enjoyed the sun on my face and arms.

When we got home the dogs were exhausted and went to lay down in the shade in the backyard while I took my time cutting the flowers and placing them in vases all around the house.

I turned the music on and rejoiced in my solitude, which is different than loneliness.  Solitude is a deep connection with ourselves, loneliness is a lack of connection with ourselves and others.

I made a salad, poured myself a glass of wine and sat outside.  It was a glorious experience and as the day came to a close, I was content.

I know your life is full and important and you don’t need to hear about me going to the farmer’s market, but my intention is to share how just a small adjustment like throwing away a Sunday routine, can shake things up for ourselves.  To do that all it takes is to know ourselves and have the energy to step outside – as we would with a dear friend – and do what is necessary to make us feel well.

Today, the sun shines again and I feel at peace with myself and life.  I’m going to take the dogs on a hike and then see how the rest of the day goes.

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One Response to “The Pleasures Of Solitute”
  1. John Lee Johann says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the power we possess to create great days. Isn’t it grand!