Learning to Live Life Now

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featured_2My life is about projects.  I’m a producer and I am a writer.  I either get hired to produce other people’s projects – like now I’m working on a special effects film for someone else – or I originate my own projects.  At any time, I’m personally working on at least 4 different projects.  Because film, TV, books, webisodes, take a long time to come to fruition (sometimes 10 years) I have had to learn to enjoy the process.

The 10 years that take for a feature film to come together is marred by disappointments, frustrations and setbacks.  As a producer if I don’t find a way to get something out of the process, I will never make it to the end.  The same as in life.

We all have goals we want to achieve so we work towards them.  Sometimes these goals take a long time to happen and in the process of getting there, life continues to unfold.

Unfortunately we often disregard all the people, things and experiences that happen to us that are not apparently connected to our goal.

Let me give an example:  I decide I want to be in a relationship.  I go out to dinner with friends or a party and scan the room.  If I don’t find someone who seems suitable for my purposes, a boyfriend, the night is over.  I don’t enjoy the moment.

I go sit at a park to read a book.  A man sits next to me.  I quickly assess if there is any possibility for a relationship, if not, I don’t want to speak to the man.

I walk around depressed because I’m not finding my boyfriend.  In the meantime the sun is shinning and tons of people are walking around.  But I’m feeling blue and I don’t see it.

Of course these are simple examples but I really want to make the point as John Lennon said: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Maybe if I had fun with my friends at dinner I would be a happier person.  Maybe the man in the park was a really interesting person who would have pointed me towards a different way of seeing things.

And maybe if I had enjoyed the sunshine, I would have sat at a coffee shop and have finally met the man I had been looking for.

We don’t want to stop living and wait until we have the perfect job, relationship etc.  Life is now.  Life should be lived every second because who knows what can happen in a life well lived.

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2 Responses to “Learning to Live Life Now”
  1. John,

    You are one of the lucky ones that know how to enjoy the process because it is not a process, it is actually life.

  2. John Lee Johann says:

    Since all things don’t happen on my time schedule, it makes sense to do my best to enjoy the process. I must have enough passion and sense of what I can and cannot do to maintain the energy needed to sustain goals that take longer than expected to achieve. In some cases that kind of energy will endure any setbacks or even lead to something completely unexpected, totally fulfilling, just as if providence had a hand in it to begin with.