Reminding Ourselves To Look At The Positive

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Yesterday, I woke up at 6am, made coffee, and went through in my mind over all the things I needed to do before catching a plane to Florida.

I then sat down at my desk placed my cup next to my computer and thought I wanted to write about romantic love. I let my mind wonder and my heart remember the thrill of meeting someone who makes our heart skip a beat.   But before I could type the first word, coffee was flying everywhere including on my computer.  I had knocked my cup over. I went for a towel and quickly cleaned it all up but by then some keys on my keyboard no longer worked.  I thought maybe there was still some coffee inside my computer.  I looked for a screwdriver but couldn’t find one small enough to open the back of the computer so I picked up a Swiss Army Knife put the blade against the screw but instead of getting the back open I slashed my finger when the blade slid from the screw.

So now I had blood everywhere plus a computer drenched in coffee.  I was frustrated and started feeling sorry for myself when my phone rang.  It was a friend in Miami, who I was going to be staying with, wanting to know what I like to have for breakfast.  He had already planned what he was going to cook for dinner and the accompanying wines and was moving on to the other meals.  We talked for a minute and then hung up.  I was still upset, my finger was still bleeding and I couldn’t write my post.  I was no longer thinking about romantic love and only thinking about my whole morning being in disarray and the things that I had planned to do that would go undone.

My door bell rang and it was my neighbor wishing me a good trip.  She saw my bloodied hand and offered to help.  I thanked her and said it was all under control.  Again the phone rang, I said goodbye and went to answer it.  It was another friend confirming he was coming over to stay at my house and take care of my dogs.

If you are wondering why I’m sharing all of this with you the reason is simple; while I was being busy feeling sorry for myself I was being showered in love and attention.  It was not the romantic kind I had thought about writing when my morning had started but it was love that sustains and supports.  It made me think how often I’m busy with worries and problems and don’t see the gifts life is offering me.  Or how often I stay stuck in the negativity instead of embracing what is in front of me.

Reminding ourselves of the positive and staying open to move through the difficulties is a challenging but worthwhile path.  If not, when our computers get drenched in coffee or we get our fingers cut we will miss the love being offered.

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