Learning To Go With The Flow

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One of the keys to life is adaptability.  It’s the old go with the flow.

We all have plans and ideas on a daily basis on what our lives should be and look like.  But on a daily basis those thoughts have to be adjusted.  How well we can let go and adapt is the difference between stress/loss and forward movement.

Of course we should have a direction that reflects that ultimate goal we have in life.  Let’s say if you want to have a family of your own, that is an ultimate goal.  But maybe you don’t have a partner or maybe you can’t have children.  So adoption or some other kind of way to have children becomes your alternate route.  Getting stuck on, “I want to get pregnant like many other women”, represents a lack of adaptability which prevents your ultimate goal.

I don’t know if I’m called to adapt more or less than others but it seems it is a constant in my life. From small things like spilling coffee on my computer and having my whole day changed to having the “perfect life” and then losing it.  So I have learned to adapt and live in the present.  I have also found that by not getting stuck with plans and ideas gone to the waste side, I have found my experiences and opportunities I wouldn’t have come across if I had stayed paralyzed in my old thinking.

So I go with the flow and I strengthen my core which gives me the emotional and psychological security that I can handle almost anything life brings to me.

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