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I often write about being content rather than happy. I thought I should explain why I make this distinction. To me being content is a result of a constant feeling of well being and it is something we can all achieve. We can all work towards letting go of anxiety, low self-esteem and the never ending cycle of looking outside ourselves for every emotional and psychological need we think we have.

What is contentment and how can we achieve it:

1 – It is wonderful to be in a partnership but the love we think we lack and need if we look within we will find to exist within and so we can love ourselves and feel cared for today.

2 – Living in the present and appreciating each moment as they unfold gives us many opportunities for satisfaction.

3 – Taking the time to do little things for ourselves that we know give us pleasure such as: a – a nice meal b – a nice glass of wine c – spending time outdoors d – spending time with someone we love.

4 – Doing something good for someone else allows us to step outside ourselves while giving us the opportunity to feel part of the human community.

5 – Appreciating our accomplishments and being okay with who we are and what we have today.

We have control over all the five points discussed above and can decide to follow through each and every one of them and if we do, our anxieties diminish and a sense of well being becomes our “normal” way of living.

Happiness I believe to be a result of when something out of the ordinary happens to us such as: the birth of a child, getting a job we want, beginning of a relationship, etc. It comes and it goes.

Contentment is transformational. If we are content we can deal with whatever life throws our way with strength and calm without ever losing ourselves and the more we are in tune with our intuition the more guided our lives become.

So while feeling that exhilarating feeling of happiness awesome, feeling good every day is out of this world. Think about it.

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