Life Sometimes Can Be Truly Strange

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I received an animation file from a director I’m working with and after playing it on my computer another file came up that I clicked to play.  It was of my late husband in a trip he had taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He was by beach being taught how to prepare a Caipirinha (our national drink).  I saw his face, I heard his voice and I again wondered “what happened?”

Most of us go on after losing someone who was very close and who we loved very much.   We make new friends, have new experiences, and maybe even fall in love again, but the space within us that a picture, or a recording can bring us back to, I believe never gets filled up with something else.

We are a thinking species and we want to understand life.  We write books, we research, we dialogue, but certain questions continue to go answered.   Death? Soul? Spirit? Consciousness?  Religion and science try to come up with explanations but so far nothing has really quenched our thirst for an absolute certainty.

We learn to accept and live without the big life concepts being answered and so we must too in our daily lives.

We must embrace our lives as they are today.  Maybe we don’t have the relationship we wish for, or the job or the financial stability.  But when we embrace our lives we find the beauty of today and in doing so, we open the doors for new people and experiences to walk through.  The non-acceptance keeps us rigid and stuck.

And again we don’t have to fully understand how it all works.  All we need to know is when we are open to life we align ourselves with change and opportunity.

So I still don’t understand losing Chris but I accept it and I honor our love and life by living.  I embrace my life today and open myself up to experiences.

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