Learning To Take Responsibility For Our Life Choices

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Taking responsibility for our lives means being clear about what we want and don’t want.

Many of us prefer to leave life decisions to the world; we know a situation is going on, we know we need to take a stance but we don’t because it would mean standing up for who we are and what we believe in.   So we show up and hope life will make the decision for us, but when we allow for that to happen, we become victims of chaos and become powerless.

I believe the reason we leave some decisions to the gods is 1 – because we are afraid to make a wrong decision and then have to live with the fact it was us that made the choice 2 – we are afraid that we will seem harsh and 3 – that others may not like us as much because we can easily say “yes” or “no” 4 – we have to deal with the fact that others don’t take ownership for their choices and will so prefer to blame us for seeing things clearly.

If you think about the four reasons mentioned above, you’ll have to agree that they don’t seem worth the anxiety and regret that often occur when we give away or decision making power.

In business making decisions can be an easier task because of the existence of tangible facts and mandates.  Employees need to help a company turn a profit and execute jobs within a certain level of expectations.  When it comes to relationships those target points are not there for us to hang on to or hide behind.  Relationships demand decisions.

Taking responsibility for our lives and knowing what we want takes courage but it also inspires and empowers us to have more of the life we want.   That is a worthwhile goal.

So the next time you have to make a difficult decision try the following steps:

1                     –  Listen to what your body and mind is trying to tell you.   If you’re feeling uncomfortable it’s because something isn’t quite right.

2                     –  Quiet your heart and mind so you can truly understand what you already know.

3                     –  Make the decision to act accordingly to what you now know.

4                     –  Keep breathing and calmly follow through.

Once you have actually stood up for yourself the sense of well –being will let you know you’ve done the right thing and you’ll realize you must always respect yourself.

Take care!

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