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I have a housekeeper who comes twice a month.  She’s 32 years old from El Salvador and she’s a grandmother.  Corina, is a lovely and kind woman.  When she found out I was a widow she hugged me tight while tears ran down her face.   It was not a put on and her gesture was not thought out, it was an impulse by someone who is free with her emotions.

I’ve never seen Corina sad or tired, although I know she struggles to support her family, and the more I get to know her the more I realize she’s happier than a lot of people I know who have plenty of money.

When Corina arrived today I had been thinking of my family, which is in Brazil and Italy, and of my late husband.  I was a little sad and wondering why love sometimes is so complicated and why must we hide, and distort the only thing that truly fills us up with hope, connectedness and contentment.

It is a fact that there are millions of reasons for us to feel love every day if we allow it to happen.   Of course if our expectations for love are tied to being rescued by a knight in shining armor, or by the most beautiful and sexy woman, or to be as famous as Madonna or as rich as Bill Gates, we may have a hard time feeling love,  but if we have no expectations and we can just be,  then love is all around us.

I am no peace and love 60s girl and I understand we live in a chaotic world where many injustices happen on a daily basis but I do know if we are honest and expose ourselves in our interactions we will encourage others to do the same and then something beautiful can happen;  love and care.

By no means I am advocating giving up on whatever goals each one of us has in life but what I am saying is to not lose sight of what truly makes us feel loved and love; time to listen to ourselves,  relationships and laughter in the sun.  None of these things need great elaborations or energy expenditures.  We all already have love within us, we just need to let it flow.  And we all have a moment that we can share with our own thoughts and feelings and we all have a park that we can sit and feel the sun.

Maybe that’s why Corina always has a smile.   She doesn’t over think her feelings and her goal is to make enough money to feed her daughter and grandson so then she wants to laugh together with them as loud as possible.  That’s what she told me.

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