What Is Truth After All?

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I’ve been obsessed with the truth for most of my life.  I have actually said things like: “There is what I think and what I say but at the end of the day there is one truth.”

I have since learned that the truth is not black or white and it is not absolute.  It actually has many shades because there is my interpretation of the truth and then there is yours.

Most often the differences in perception are minimal but sometimes they are like two absolutely different sets of experiences.

The small differences come from us experiencing things in our own way but the big differences come from people needing to rewrite their past or present to conform to what they would like their lives to reflect.   While this brand of truth is not shared by others it is the absolute truth for the individual experiencing it.

I’m thinking of a friend who broke off a relationship because of certain selfish actions his partner took but whom now, a year later and without being in a new relationship, remembers the old partner as a loving and caring man.  When I and other friends try to bring up facts, discord is the only result.

I remember a man I dated many years ago who was a “believer”. My existence threatened his truth because how could a kind, thoughtful woman also be a spiritual atheist?   The man’s truth was; you have to be a “believer” to be “good”.  He went back to living his social life among others who shared his belief so his truth could stay intact.

I have learned to accept when others have a need to have a different truth.  It is hard.  You want to tell the friend that until she can embrace her history with her boyfriend as having been marred by deceit, she will continue to repeat the pattern.  And you want to tell the believer that “real” truths are not exclusive and are not threatened by other people’s beliefs.   But sometimes they are just not ready to hear.  And so we make peace and let them go through what they have chosen as their path and hope if our door stays open and our love and support available, we will meet up again and our truths will be closer.

The greatest enemy of any one of our truths may be the rest of our truths.  ~William James

There is no Truth.  There is only the truth within each moment.  ~Ramana Maharshi, attributed

There is no truth.  There is only perception.  ~Gustave Flaubert

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