How To Conquer Pain

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As in any match you look at your opponent square in the face.  You want to measure up its strength while letting it know you are not afraid.

When the bell goes off, you approach it with determination.  You find your way in, you put your arms around it and you hold it tight.  You smell its sweat and you dance around with it until you are able to take it down to the mat.  You hold it there and you pay your respects.  You let it know of its worthiness and that you will always be mindful of it.

Deep pain is a scar; it never goes away and can sometimes be ripped open.  But as with any scar we learn to live with it and they become part of who we are giving us wisdom and maturity.

But so many of us, when something hurtful happens, want to sweep it all under the rug thinking that if they don’t recognize its presence then it won’t exist.   Hurt doesn’t need recognition to exist and actually if not dealt with it will only get stronger and strike in creative ways when the opportunity presents itself.

Dealing with our pain is a must process for a well-balanced life.  Once we go through it, pain stays down on the mat and we can go on. I find it is helpful to remember when dealing with hurt that it won’t feel the same forever.  There will come a time when the open wound will become a scab and then a scar.

Embracing our pain takes honesty and steadfastness.  We look at it straight on and we put our arms around it and at the end it is a transformative process.  No one comes out of the ring the same.  But if we want to live life to its fullest we must go through all the experiences that come our way and if that is our life philosophy when we are wrestling with pain we have plenty of good in our hearts and soul to keep whispering in our ears to come back to love and happiness.

To weep is to make less the depth of grief.  ~William Shakespeare, King Henry the Sixth

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