Eat, Pray, Love

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Carolina Del Tosto

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I did read the book a while back.

I remember when my husband passed away the great urge I felt to take off to a place I had never been where no one knew my story.  But I didn’t.  My connection to my home and all the people coming in and out of my house at that time kept me here.

In the book, a memoir, the writer goes through a nasty divorce and then a complicated relationship.  It is then she decides to take off for a year and eat, pray, love and write about it all.

I think the reason the book and the writer have become so successful has to do with the person, Elizabeth Gilbert, willingness and courage to break away from everything she knew.  It strikes a chord with us because so often we want our lives and routine to be different but somehow we stay passive. Elizabeth didn’t and so we are all inspired by someone, if even just for a year, brakes free from everything we think gives us security.

We don’t all can and need to take a year off and go to Italy, India and Bali.  But we all need to stay curious and brave so our lives can be constantly evolving.  We also have to be honest and answer a very important question: Am I the master of my own life or are all my obligations my master?

I recently told a friend, who is a therapist, about all the changes that are going on in my life right now.  I then mocked myself by adding I was a late bloomer and why didn’t I know such and such long ago.  She answered by saying: “Isn’t it wonderful that you are always transforming?  Think about all the people that have stopped listening and are cemented in their ways.”

I know I’m not going anywhere anytime soon where I’ll be fully disconnecting from my present life but I will continue to seek out situations that will challenge my understanding of life.  We can all do that by being mindful of introducing new experiences into our lives and by being open to others that are unlike us.

It is easy to fall prey to routines but sameness extinguishes life’s fire and as Eat Pray Love reminds us, life is a journey and we should only get off the train when the reaper comes knocking.  Until then protecting our freedom of being is just as good as any trip abroad.

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