Turning Our Lives Into Master Pieces

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The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.  ~Joan Didion

So many of us let life happen as if we are passive bystanders and have no say in what and how life transpires.  Instead of making choices we live a life of reacting.  On the other hand making decisions on how we want our lives to develop demands responsibility but offers in return self-respect.

Living a life that only reacts keeps us in the role of victims.  Things happen to us but it is not our fault.  We didn’t think, we didn’t choose, how could we be at fault?

When we finally embrace that our lives are not someone else’s movie we are watching in a theatre but our own and that we are actually the main writer, producer, director and actor, we feel empowered to create a master piece.  It is then that all the creative respectively come together to discuss which movie should be made and we no longer are victims but instead masters of our own destinies.

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