Letting Go Of Outcomes

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That’s a tough one.  I know because I’m one who has had to struggle with this issue my entire life. I also know I’m not alone.

To be able to do things and derive pleasure from doing them without being dependent on the outcome is a wisdom we need to gain for our well-being.

Letting go of an outcome allows us to be in the present and fully enjoy it.  Often worrying about the success of our actions only robs us from the energizing and liberating feeling which comes from doing something that is special to us.

Will it work out?  Will people like it?  Will it have the result I think it deserves?

These are questions that we ask ourselves that sabotage our experience and sometimes even the result we are so concerned about.

Our environment is geared to success.  We often hear “don’t waste your time”, or feel the pressure to only do things we are certain of getting a positive outcome.  But the truth is, creativity and innovation are fully dependent on experimentation.  A true personal expression relies on trial and error and our ability to commit without second guessing.

In the process of letting go of results, time becomes another element which we need to remove from our expectations.  We expect and want immediate results. Sometimes that is the case but more often than not outcomes have their own timing.

That makes me think about Lula – Brazilian president – who ran for the presidency 3 times before winning on his 4th effort.  Or President Lincoln who lost eight elections.  If both men didn’t fully commit to the task at running for commander in chief, they wouldn’t have been able to do it again and again and our history would have been different.

But how can we let go of results?

  • By bringing the focus back to doing
  • By stopping our minds from wondering what the future will bring
  • By being in the present and truly letting ourselves go in the experience
  • By remembering we cannot control everything
  • By remembering whatever the outcome is we should never rob ourselves from the excitement of the creative idea and its execution

Enjoy the process!

Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.  ~Soren Kierkegaard

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