Connecting Through Our Humanity

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Angie Rubin

One of the good things the internet provides us with is a way to connect with others that have the same interests, experiences or simply want to exchange ideas.

When I started The Love Project Inc. in May of 2009, I was looking to share my thoughts and feelings and find others who wanted to do the same.

At that time I had just experienced many emotionally intimate moments with complete strangers and had learned underneath all differences lie all similarities.

In June of 2006 when my late husband’s liver was close to complete failure and his mind was gone with all the ammonia accumulating in his brain (liver processes ammonia) it was strangers who told me their survival stories and promised things were going to work out.  We were not introduced or knew each other’s beliefs or social status.  In that hospital where there many people fighting for their lives, community and compassion was our world.

In August of 2007, when my late husband and I walked in together into an infusion center for his first course of chemotherapy, tears ran down my face. A stranger sitting next to her husband while he got his treatment walked up and handed me a handkerchief. With her simple gesture she told me she understood my tears. She gave me the strength I needed.

Since the launch of this site, I have met many people through emails, phone calls, and even over meals.  All of us strangers to each sharing our most intimate feelings.  We connect with our humanity which has nothing to do with the successes or failures we have had in life.  We have realized to gain from connecting we must drop pretenses and just be.

A few days ago I wrote in a post:  “It’s sad how we spend our lives looking for love and acceptance without realizing that if we are not willing to commit to open our hearts, we will never find that which we seek.”

We feel and have all the love of the world when we silence our demands and expectations and we connect from a place that needs to reason or explanation.

We are all cells in the same body of humanity – Peace Pilgrim

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