Why Is Introspection Important?

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Angie Rubin

Without it we would keep reading the same scripts we have created for ourselves and have no possibility of a different life.  We would always play the same role to the same results.

Introspection means observing and processing our own behavior.  Introspection gives us the chance to catch ourselves repeating patterns that causes us pain and change. It becomes second nature to anyone who is invested in living a more peaceful and content life.

I have a friend that I check in with every day, usually in the mornings.  My friend is an older woman who has created a number of relationships of dependency. Yesterday for some reason she called at night but I wasn’t home to answer.  When we spoke this morning she said sadly: “I miss your voice when we don’t speak.”  She was ready to go on saying how lonely she is and I can make her happy when I reminded her we had actually spoken yesterday morning.  For a moment she was at a loss.  She didn’t know what to do with the script she has written for herself.  Her script is that of a victim who needs others to thrive.  My friend could actually re-write her script, therefore the way she sees herself, embrace all her accomplishments, which have been plenty, and have a more satisfying life.  But she has not made the commitment to look at the scripts, the roles she has cast herself in, and so she goes on repeating and punishing herself.

Truly looking at ourselves takes courage.  We see mistakes and missed opportunities.  But if we remind ourselves that is life’s journey – to cut away the excess marble and expose the art work underneath it – introspection becomes our tool of choice.

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