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Angie Rubin

I recently read a fun article in the Boston Globe where the writer, Joan Wickersham, discusses how she had met her husband and the fascination we all have with first encounter stories.

Wickersham goes on to say the reason we’re so fascinated with these stories is that it’s always about something deeper and says: “fated yet random … Behind every how we met story is the unspoken question: What if we hadn’t?”

So I thought it would be fun to share our “how we met stories”.  I hope you will be inspired to share your story by either posting it on The Love Project Inc.   Facebook page or sending the story to so I can post on the site.

Here is mine:

After kissing all the undesirable and “sadistic” men of LA, I decided I was done with the gender all together.  The love I was so self-destructively trying to give away would now be directed towards me and my friends and I would use my surplus of energy to give my career a zing.  Of course it was then that I received a call from a fellow film producer friend stating he had finally found someone he thought I would hit it off with.  I politely declined the invitation to meet the new guy but my friend was a man on a mission and so I finally said yes. We were to meet at his house at 4pm.

By total coincidence I had a tarot reading session scheduled for that day.  I do confess even though I place no confidence in these readings, sometimes in the past they have offered me hope and comfort.  Anyway, after the Tarot reader put the cards down on her table, she looked at me and said: “You will be meeting a man who will change your life and it will happen in less than three months,”  I thought to myself: Yeah, do you know how many times I’ve heard something similar?  I paid the woman and went to my friend’s house.

I got to my friend’ maybe ten minutes before Chris, the guy I was supposed to be meeting, showed up.   I again chastised my friend for guilt tripping me into coming to meet someone else.  My friend just laughed and said: “enjoy and relax.”

Chris finally arrived carrying a wine bag with four different types of wines.  I was not attracted to him and for a moment got hang up on the waste of time thought.  But I was there, my friend was there and there was some good wine, so I ended up going with the flow.

A couple of glasses of wine later my friend said he had to go a salsa lesson and shooed us out.  It was 7pm on a weeknight and I was two major freeways away from home so when Chris asked me out to dinner, I said yes.

We went to a close by restaurant and had a nice meal.  When we said goodbye Chris said he would be calling me and I thought to myself: yeah have heard that one before.

But he did.  Chris called me three days later and five days after our first meeting I was having dinner at his house with some of his friends.  When everyone got up to leave, Chris asked me to stay.  He said he wanted to show me the house.  It took about 2 minutes for me to see the house but being together lasted to the end of his life.

Chris and I were inseparable until his death, five years later, in my arms.

Now as to the question; what if Chris and I hadn’t met?  I wouldn’t have had the honor to love and care for this amazing man and I probably would never have known how much love two people can have for each other.

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