You Don’t Have To Wear A Red String To Find Contentment

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Life is often confusing and overwhelming.  We work harder and make less money.  We are bombarded by information 24/7 and spend a great deal of time in the virtual world.  Violence is abundant in many parts of the world and if the wars don’t do us in the environment is waiting in line.

No wonder people are desperate for anyone or anything to tell them everything will be okay.  Read this book, wear these red strings

1                     – The state of happiness is temporary.  It comes as a result of a positive outcome like: winning the lottery, doing a job well, being praised, getting a raise, the birth of a child etc.

2                     – Finding peace, stability and contentment requires a personal voyage inwards.

I spent many years of my life putting a lot of my energy into finding a partner.  I believed finding one would lead to living happily ever after.  Of course all I found was heartache because what I was looking for was not real.  When I finally realized that, I met my late husband. He added many beautiful things to my life, but he was not and could be not the end all to my life.

Anyway we cut it, one day we must embrace our lives and who we are.  We have to get to know ourselves; identifying what truly matters to us and what we have taken on from society and others.   We must foster compassion for ourselves and others.  And we must commit to live honoring our essence.

It is not an easy journey.  It requires courage to be responsible for actions we have taken that have caused us great loss and grief.  It requires love for ourselves to accept every action as our learning path.  If we follow the road of self-knowledge, we will be on our way to true contentment and knowledge.  And, if we ever wear a red string, we will do so because we think it is pretty and not because it stops influences of evil eye.

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