Nothing To Fear In Solitude

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People that know me or who have been reading my posts know how much I appreciate my solitude.  The days I carve out time to be with my own self, are glorious.  On those days, I get to calmly listen to my inner thoughts and I get to indulge in the simple things that make me happy.

Solitude is energy building.

It is how we connect to our strength and sense of purpose.  Unfortunately in a world that is always requiring our attention, giving space to connect to ourselves can often feel like wasting time.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   In solitude we get to check in with ourselves and reconnect to what is really important to us.

Some of us might actually use the excuse of having too much to do to be able to afford any time to spend with oneself.  That kind of thinking is counterproductive because as we need to sleep to replenish our physical and mental capacity, we also need our solitude to make sure the life we are leading is the one we want.

Solitude by no means is the same as loneliness.  While solitude builds a rich life, loneliness depletes it.  Loneliness occurs when we have a difficulty or hesitation to connect with others and ourselves.

When we are in touch with what is important to us and we are constantly listening to our thoughts, loneliness becomes a non-issue.  How can we ever be lonely when we have a rich world within us to discover?

Lastly if you are a person who keeps the noise level as high as possible you might want to ask yourself what is that you are trying your best not to hear.  Pondering this question can be the start of your journey into solitude.


By Natasha Dern

Posted on the Huffington Post

What is it about being alone that freaks people out? Why do so many avoid it like the plague? Why do we fear it so much? On the journey of life, no real progress can be made without making the time for reflection. Solitude is essential; It gives us the time and opportunity to explore and know ourselves…Continued

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