Stop Wishing For Things To Be Different

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Life is complicated and often trying but one thing I do know: wishing for things to be different – especially if they have already happened – it is a waste of time.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to count how many times I heard: “I wish things were different” or some form of it.  In twenty-four hours the count came to seven.  That might not seem like a high number but if you take in consideration I was asleep or alone some of those hours, you’ll recognize the impact of my findings.

Each time I heard I”I wish things were different” I simply answered: “but they aren’t.”   It’s a simple and profound answer.  By accepting and embracing our lives as they are, we place ourselves in the moment and in the driver’s seat.   We stop being passive bystanders of our own lives and become active in how we want things to be today.

Let me give you an example:  yesterday, when talking to my mother in law she said she wished her daughter would have stayed with her partner and lived happily ever after.  I politely answered: “I wished your son had survived and he and I lived happily ever after.”  Because death is so final, she was able to quickly understand what I was trying to tell her; there is no point in wishing for something that has already passed.  I could spend my entire life wishing for a different outcome with my late husband or I can accept my life and turn my experience into something else; a good and positive life.

Let what has happened in your life inform who you are but don’t let it dictate your life.  There is much for us to experience in each day if we allow ourselves the freedom to move forward.

No matter what has happened in your past, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment.  And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.  Right now.

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