How To Live A Life Of Awe And Inspiration

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Angie Rubin

AWE, an emotion variously combining veneration, and wonder that is inspired by authority or by the sacred or sublime.

Is there anything more moving than being overwhelmed by a sight or a feeling that moves us at a core level?

In his article for O Magazine David Hochman writes: “Scientists say it pays to cultivate more wonder in your life, whether by forwarding heart-swelling news stories or hiking the Grand Canyon. That’s because channeling awe not only produces pleasant physiological effects—such as the warm feeling in the chest activated by the vagus nerve—and gives a sense of fulfillment; it “can help a person reflect on how an upsetting event fits into their philosophy of life, or how their personal experience unites them with humanity,” says Michelle Shiota, PhD, an assistant professor of psychology at Arizona State University.”

I remember years ago in upstate New York, a day when the sun was warm, the sky was blue and voided of any clouds.  I put on my bathing suit and went down to a lake.  When I got there, no one else was around and I found complete silence.  I was moved by the great many acres of nature and I being together in that moment.  I went in the water and felt it warm and soothing.  Enjoying the feeling I sat in the shallow part and was quickly surrounded by fish.  It was then that a wave of peace and belonging came over me. For the next hour or so, I soaked in the feeling of belonging to a greater universe where I was no longer the center of it; just a component.   I was inspired by the beauty and largeness of the universe.  I was in a state of awe.

When we are surprised by something exceptional we are emotionally reminded we are part of a world that goes beyond our daily struggles.  It is as if for a moment everything comes into focus and our worries melt away.

Of course we don’t know when something could happen to take our breath away.  But, if we are always too busy or too stressed the sun could turn blue right in front of us and we wouldn’t notice.

There is much to inspire us in this world.  There is incredible beauty and acts of immense compassion.  There is also much sadness and pain, but we can chose to also look at the uplifting.

Slow down the thinking and activities.  Not everything needs to be resolved now.  Now look around and let simple beauty enter your heart. That’s a good state in which to be open to the possibility of being awed by the profound greatness and harmony in our universe.

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