Move Chaotic Emotions Aside to Find Real Answers

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It’s so easy to see other people’s troubles clearly.  And it also seems easy to see what they should do to get out of their suffering.  The reason for that is simple: we are not emotionally invested and conflicted in other people’s problems. So we think we can see and resolve their problems without much effort.

But, when it comes to our issues we have feelings.  We also have all the voices in our head (read yesterday’s blog) vying for their opinion to be the decisive one.

As I am a good listener, I’ve had plenty of practice in trying to understand and help others see their problems with more clarity.  From those exchanges I’ve learned two things: 1 – I need to be careful with what I say because I only get partial information and whatever I think is based on my point of view and 2 – Why can’t I do the same for myself?

And so I started to practice listening and questioning myself as I would someone else.  When I’m feeling down, I ask myself:  “Why are you feeling this way?” “If you had this or that in your life today would you feel different?” With every answer a new question comes up in my mind until I arrive at a solid understanding of what is really bothering me.  Once I know the answer I feel better because I am able to do something about it.

This exercise happens in my mind without a single word actually being spoken.  The reason this works is by asking pertinent questions, I remove my chaotic emotions out of the way so I can give a true answer.  And as I continue to ask the tough questions, I am making myself dig into what truly is important to me thus connecting to my true self.

Next time you feel at odds take a trip to the center of your being for the correct remedy.

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