Finding Your Own Sense Of Well-Being

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A funny thing happens when we start to connect with who we really are.  We start to find a greater sense of peace and personal purpose. It is as if finally after many years, we a Rubic’s cube of sorts, finally get put together in the right way.

I like to say we are our own masterpiece.  What I mean by that is our journey in life is to chisel away the extra stone to expose the sculpture that was always there.  The world outside ourselves is not nearly as important as the world that lives within, which holds all the love, hope, and purpose we seek.

Finding our true selves and connecting requires two actions: 1 – separating what is ours from what is of others and 2 – not getting confused by appearances.

Separating what is ours from what is of others:

Our sense of purpose and values as we go through life get tangled up with those of other people and environments’.  In time these foreign adopted sets of values and meanings cause great confusion in how we process and interpret our own lives.

Reconnecting with who we are means abandoning those values that aren’t ours and strengthening those that are.  Let me give an example:  Let’s say your early idea of success was to be helpful, and to grow your knowledge of life.  But in your school, family and work environment, the idea of success was tied to financial and professional achievement.  Without realizing you started adopting their set of values as well, and so you straddle both paths.  Conflict arises because you can’t fully commit to one way of being.  While you spend time reading, experiencing and learning the adopted sense of values keeps telling you you’re wasting your time.

In this case reconnecting with your own self means to let go of the idea that success means money and power and take back the sense that success means achieving certain character traits.

Not getting confused by appearances:

We so often look at other people’s lives and think they must be happy because they either have money relationship or prestige without taking in consideration how that person feels within.  Well-being is not the result of being married, having children or money in the bank.  Well-being is the result of feeling at ease with who we are and how we interact with life’s ups and downs.

How do we connect to our true selves:

Through courageous self-reflection and mindful living.

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