Feeling in a Rut; Here’s Some Help

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I really like this post by Jeffrey Hull on the Huffington Post.   Jeffrey is a writer and a psychologist and in this particular post he gives specific advice in how to change our lives when we find ourselves in a rut.

As we are creatures of habit we tend to turn everything in our lives into a routine.  Regardless of how interesting an activity is, if we repeat it every day in the same fashion, it will soon lose its spark.

In order to keep our lives fresh we must first be in touch with ourselves.  We need to have the relationship with us that lets us know the sadness or lack of inspiration are coming from a life being lived in the same fashion on a daily basis.

The next very important quality we must develop is decision making.  We must decide we will change our routine even if as a start it will be only in the order or the duration in which we go through our daily activities.  This could be as simple as reading the paper at night instead of in the morning.  Any little change will suffice to get us started in shaking things up.

We need to follow that up by giving free reign to our imagination.  Let’s dream away.  It doesn’t cost anything and we will be feeding our creativity.

Now let’s take on new activities that will have us meeting new people, being exposed to different surroundings, and thinking in a changed way.

Below is the post by Jeffrey Hull.  Read on.

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