20 Questions That Could Change Your Life

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Navigating through all my favorite sites I found this fun and potentially important post by Martha Beck in which she lists the 20 most important questions – voted by O Magazine readers – one should ask themselves.

What I find fun and potentially important is that making up lists demands that we stop and think what really is essential to our own lives.  And what changes could really bring more fulfillments into our lives. So before you jump into reading Martha’s post here are a few suggestions for lists.

1                     – 10 things I want to do this year

2                     – 10 things I want to change about me

3                     – 10 fun things I should be doing on a weekly basis

4                     – 1 fun thing I should be doing on a daily basis

5                     – 10 things I can do that would change my life

There are no right or wrong answers.  There is only what is true to each one of us.  So take out or pencil and paper or turn on your computer and pick a list from the above suggestions that you would like to spend some time thinking about.


by Martha Beck, O Magazine

Finding the answers starts with posing the right questions—and Martha Beck has 20 to get you started.
1. What questions should I be asking myself?
At first I thought asking yourself what you should be asking yourself was redundant. It isn’t. Without this question, you wouldn’t ask any others, so it gets top billing. It creates an alert, thoughtful mind state, ideal for ferreting out the information you most need in every situation. Ask it frequently.

2. Is this what I want to be doing?
This very moment is, always, the only moment in which you can make changes. Knowing which changes are best for you comes, always, from assessing what you feel. Ask yourself many times every day if you like what you’re doing. If the answer is no, start noticing what you’d prefer. Thus begins the revolution…Continued

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