Using Desire As Fuel To Life

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Read the below post by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche on the Huffington Post today and wanted to share.

Although having a name that is difficult for most of us civilians to pronounce, the wisdom of his words are nothing but fully inclusive.

In his post Dzogchen discusses the nature of desire; the fuel for every human action.  We desire a good meal, relationship, comfort, pleasure, and all is good.  The difficulties only arise when those desires turn from fuel to obsession.  Wanting to have a better job to feel more engaged is one type of desire.  Wanting a better job just because we want to show how smart, how superior we are, is empty.

Dzogchen writes: “Our desire may be to help others, to create something of transcendent beauty, or to realize union with God. It may simply be to find a perfect love in our life.

Or we may desire success, wealth, fame — the usual suspects. Whatever it is, in its purest form, that desire in itself is neither positive nor negative. Yet it can become either, depending on how we work with it.”

Having desire keeps us alive and energized.  But desire is potent and needs to be used with care.

Dzogchen then goes on to discuss finding the balance between committing to a relationship and giving it freedom.  “If, in our intimate relationships, we tend to exaggerate or magnify our desire until we become obsessed, possessive or a bundle of compulsions, then we’ll for sure get carried away by the neurotic side of our emotions” he writes.

Coming into a relationship with a true sense of self with a focus on sharing rather than being rescued is essential to a healthy relationship.  Supporting the other person in who they are and what they want out of life is the only way to truly share.

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By: Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Buddhist teacher and author of ‘Rebel Buddha’

Whether you believe in having more freedom or more commitment in intimate relationships, desire is involved, and it’s a heart-to-heart matter.

When we look at the whole range of emotions we’re capable of — passion, anger, jealousy, aggression, anxiety, fear, and so on — the one that stands out the most and marks our whole lives is desire…Continued

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