Learning To Let Go Of Results

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All we can do is  what we can do.  Sounds silly but it’s the truth.  Lifewise it means we do what we can, we do our best, and then we let go.

Today, I went to pitch (present) a number of film ideas to a network for production.  I put a lot of time in thinking and developing these story ideas.  I also put a lot of time into rehearsing how to pitch/explain these ideas to the executives.   My final responsibility was to be calm and relaxed enough to perform as I had rehearsed so many times in my office and to my friends.  I did all of it and in the end it is up to the executives to hire me to write the screenplays or not.   I have no control over their decision and because of that whatever happens I’m okay.

That’s all we can expect from ourselves.  To make decisions, follow them through and then let go of the result.

Letting go also applies to intimate relationships.  I’m not talking about letting go of the other person — even though sometimes that’s what we should do.  I’m saying letting go of expected results.

Sometimes we find ourselves trying to make a friend or a partner see something they are not seeing.  We come up with a number of different ways to say the same thing only to have our friend or partner still do whatever they want.  That’s okay and we have to learn to let go.  Because we can only do what we can do, after it’s up to every single person.

What I’m really trying to say is: we should listen to ourselves, do what we think we should, then let go of the result.  We have already won just by doing that.

As we let go of results we gainstrength, self-confidence and freedom.

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One Response to “Learning To Let Go Of Results”
  1. Riel of Pasig City says:

    It’s the simplicity that makes so much more sense out of it. Get’s you ready to try and learn as much as what life’s going to throw at you, if you ask me. After all, only sentient beings have the capacity for altruism, it’s just silly that it’s still going to take a while for mankind to entirely see the benefits in that. One Love, Peace Out!