Stress; Don’t Give Up On Your Life For It

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Got an email from someone in Brazil yesterday talking about stress.  In the middle there was a question.  How much does a glass of water weigh?  Half a pound?  A pound?  It depends on the amount of water and the weight of the glass.  But that is not the point.

Let’s say a half a pound water glass doesn’t weigh much if you hold the glass up for 10 secs.  It also doesn’t weigh much if you hold it up for a minute.  But what if you held the same glass for an hour? Your arm would probably be sore.  Now what about for a whole day? You would probably end up in a hospital with major circulation issues.

So is stress.  If you can rest and recharge there are no major consequences to your well- being.  But if you just keep on going without replenishing yourself with emotional and psychological nourishment, you will most likely crash.

Learning to slow down and charge up the batteries takes going against the 21st century which has sold us the idea that the more we work and multi-task the greater is our value.

It is important for a well-lived and balance life to remember personal satisfaction is what life is really about.  Working around the clock, accumulating net worth and power are all empty accomplishments if we don’t feel we are fulfilling what is really meaningful to us.

The great film director Sidney Lumet who wrote, directed and produced a number of master pieces like: “Dog Day Afternoon”, “12 Angry Men”, and “Network” passed away a couple of days ago.  Soon only the people in the movie business will remember him, and soon after that only the films from time to time by teachers and film aficionados.  At his prime, Sidney was famous and admired.  His work and struggle to create his films will only make sense if he drew immense meaning from it as notability is extremely temporal.

What we do with our lives must have meaning for us.  It doesn’t matter how others see us.  We are the only ones that know our wisdom and growth.

So chose not to worry.  Be happy!  J

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