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I have recently received some really good work related news.  I worked really hard to turn a project into a reality and it seems that will be the case.  I shared the news with just a few very close people – I’m waiting for the absolute 100% sureness before sharing with everyone.  The point is while a couple of people were really happy for me a few were also jealous and manipulative.  I’m thinking about someone in particular who is truly close who came up with ways to hurt me.  Now why am I sharing this?  Because I think we often deal with “peculiar” reactions from others but are not prepared and fall pray.

I don’t believe these “peculiar” reactions came from people that wish me badly.  That would be an easy one to deal with; they don’t like and therefore they are not happy for me – they shouldn’t be in my life.  The “peculiar” reactions come from people that actually deeply love me, but they are unwell with themselves.  And that is the key piece of information when dealing with others.  People bring to relationships their own un-wellness.

In the past, I would let other people’s manipulation and jealousy deflate my excitement over my own accomplishments.  Today, I don’t.  When I have a victory I deserve to enjoy it.  When I am happy or content, it is my enjoyment and contentment.  I don’t let others take away my excitement because I recognize where it is coming from and so I exercise compassion and forgiveness.

Life is about relationships.  And relationships can be messy.  We all react to things based on our own experiences, successes, failures and self-knowledge.  The more you know yourself, the more you will understand that while you can’t control how others react to you, you can certainly control how you react to them.

That’s why when I got “peculiar” reactions to my great news I reminded myself it wasn’t lack of love that motivated those reactions.  It was lack of self-knowledge and contentment in others and therefore I should exercise compassion and not internalize their misguided reaction.

Today, I’m able to stay centered in my own knowledge.  It took me a long time to get here.  But you can do it too.  Next time you find yourself dealing with others who are throwing at you their own short-comings, exercise your right to be content while using compassion for the other person.  Then move on.  You have a right to your own life.

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