Deepak’s Second Lifetime Is Actually Happening Earlier

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Looking through the internet for interesting posts, I came across the below by Deepak Chopra.  In his post Deepak discusses the quality of life we now have as we live longer.  He refers to a “second lifetime” one that we can focus on a spiritual retreat.  Using the Indian belief of four stages of being – where in the end a person abandons his/hers family and possessions to care for a spiritual journey – Deepak suggests a spiritual retreat where the “old” materialistic preoccupations take back seat to new spiritual ones.

While there is no argument to his suggestions – a life does not have any meaning based on money and power alone – I am of the belief this shift is now happening way before the 50 year old mark to many of us.

With the industrial revolution followed by a number of wars, the migration and disbandment of family members become a reality.  The formation of new jobs and an ability of social movement intensified in people the dream of money and power.   Add to that the media’s focus on financial success, power and stardom and we ended up with a society – mostly developed countries – where our goals became of a material nature.

This heavily materialist society has created a world lacking in fulfillment and compassion.  In this world we are all victims and victimizers of each other and we are not happy.

I believe the need for a change of a value system is taking place in a very large number of people way before they hit 50.  I see a movement of a young generation who is not buying into work and success as the main ingredients for a life well lived.  They can see the results of such belief systems; a sense of waste and loneliness in a very great number of people.  Today, individuals of all ages are turning their attention to the creation of a new belief system that emphasizes community and service over personal success.

While the Indian belief of the last years of our lives be devoted solely to our spiritual journey, I believe doing that every day of our lives to be more powerful and rewarding.  And I know I’m not alone.

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Your Future: Two Lifetimes In One

By Deepak  Chopra

A decade ago I came across a statistic that affects everyone’s future. Actuaries predicted that for Caucasian women in California without arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), the average life expectancy was 100. What this means is that when a woman in that subgroup reaches age 50, a second lifetime has opened up. The first 50-year period is already a known quantity: a person is born, passes to adulthood, finds a partner and raises children. Empty nesting has already begun by age 50, or it’s on the horizon. Most people have a secure social position by that age, and their finances, whether good or bad, are more or less set…Continued

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