The Never Ending Search For Balance

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There are moments in life where we feel we are standing in the eye of the storm where different psychological issues are tugging at us to get our attention.  In my case now are; my aging parents, my sister who lives far away, and my own fears of what my future will be like.  Without getting into the nature and the merit of my issues – they are not the point of this particular discussion – the consequence is that I feel pulled into many directions which generate anxiety, guilt and depression.

Now, I know better.  I know anxiety, guilt and depression are paralyzing emotions which have no real benefit to anyone engaged with them on a one-on-one.

I know when these feelings come up they do because of a God like complex where we feel in charge of everything and everyone.  As if not only our destiny, but that of everyone else depended on us.  They also come up when we lose sight of the present and let ourselves be led into a future which we couldn’t possibly know anything about and is constantly changing depending on our present.

I have spent enough time in the eye of the storm to know I don’t like it.  So when issues start pulling me in all different directions I do four things: 1 – breathe, 2 – bring my attention to the task at hand, 3 –  strip away the sense of importance from whatever is happening,   and 4 – am compassionate and understanding towards myself.  It sounds complicated and cumbersome, but it really isn’t.  Once you get the hang of it, it becomes more about achieving greater success each time we need to center ourselves in our selves.

Breath, being in the moment, removing excess importance and compassion are the tools and skills that we can reach to stand tall and firm in the eye of the storm.   It takes practice, but the rewards are great.

Happy balance!

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