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Felt a real kinship with the post below.  First because like the author I too live in Los Angeles, and second because I too work in Hollywood.  But that is not the point of the post. The point is as a nation we have lost our ability to unplug and relax.  We have actually convinced ourselves that the more stressed out and tired we are, the more needed and important we become.

I’m here to tell you those assumptions are untrue.  If we are tired and stressed we are just that; tired and stressed.  We are no good to ourselves and to anyone else.

Somehow we have been led to believe if we are calm, content and kind we must be a slacker.  I’m sharing this from experience.  For many years I loved to walk around saying how overworked and stressed I was.  It made me feel good and important.  The rational being if I’m stressed is because I’m needed.   If I’m juggling a million things is because I must be good.  Or if I want to dig deeper, I’ll also find: I must do it myself because I’m the only one that can.

But, as my ego – not as in a bad connotation – gets stronger, I less and less need others to validate who I am.  I also realize running around like a chicken with its head cut off makes me as important as a chicken.

So I’m learning to NOT engage in every drama that presents itself to me. And that my friends, is a sign of maturity.  Basically it dawned on me that I only have X amount of time and energy, and so I should use it wisely.  And that means before engaging into an argument or any situation I ask myself: is this really important? Is it worth getting agitated about?

I also don’t have time – or no longer the need – to impress every one that crosses my path with how smart I am.  I’ve shift my focus from getting into everything (quantity) to choosing those things that really matter to me (quality).  I now know what I want.  It means I have a focus and therefore I don’t get sidetracked as often.

I know part of what brings contentment into my life is spending time with my friends and family.  It is also doing little things for myself that feed my inner-life; a play, a great movie, a book, silence, my yard, a massage, a glass of wine, a good meal.

Here’s the truth:  If you are relaxed you can think better and you can enjoy your life more.  Therefore you are a better friend, family member and professional.  You’ll also feel more accomplished. So change your dialogue.  Stop saying how tired and stressed you are.  When you feel compelled to say those things stop and do something pleasurable.  It can be as simple as taking a mighty big breath.  Stop taking on everything that comes your way.  Be selective.  You have nothing to prove.  Your job in life is to find YOUR contentment.  If you do you’ll inspire others to do the same.  Content people make our world a better place to live.

Does Stress Validate Our Existence?

By Julie Grey

I hear it a thousand times a day. I used to say it as often:

I’m so stressed out


I’m so busy


I’m so tired

It has become a badge of belonging here in Los Angeles, and, I suspect, across much of America as well. How often have you proclaimed your absolute exhaustion? And — what does that mean, exactly? If you are so tired, go to bed earlier. If you are so stressed, do some meditating or yoga. If you are — well, you get the point…Continued

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