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So I was just reading about Mark Zuckerberg’ decision of slaughtering all the meat he consumes.  While I’m no stranger to this action – my grandmother used to kill the chickens my family ate in the back of the house – it made me think how much of life we live without consciousness, and how much we lose because of it.

Zuckerberg says by killing his own animal he will profit in two ways: 1 – he will eat healthier and 2 – he will have a greater connection and consciousness when consuming that which is his life force.  I’m interested in the latter concept. In this fast world of ours we often behave as if we were sleep walking and the consequence is we lose many opportunities to be grateful and inspired.

A meal cooked with love and care is a more inspiring experience than something that was cooked in a commercial kitchen by someone else who is trying to beat the clock.  While eating seems on the outset as a no brainer is actually one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and others.  Food is our energy source and eating together can also be a deeply connecting experience.  But because we are often in a hurry we slap something together, inhale, and move on.  And thus who knows what we have eaten and what kind of energy it will produce for us.  And of course not a thought about the animal that was killed to feed us.  If we were to realize the loss of life, our relationship with our food would be more profound and enriching.

Another example of our lack of consciousness is our connection to our bodies.  I have many friends that live with a disability, and because of that I’m often reminded how important my body is to the things I do every day.  I’m very lucky that I’m healthy and my body functions well.  Many others are not as lucky and they have to make do with their disabilities.  I try to take care of my body and be appreciative that it still functions well.  I honor my health and am grateful for it.

When my husband passed away from his cancer, in my pain there was absolutely no regret of not appreciating him or not loving his as much as I could have.  I knew from the moment we met, he was special to me and I treated him so for the five years we were together.  I didn’t have to lose him to know how important he was to me. I knew to be that way because of all the unhealthy relationships I had gone through.  I had learned from my experiences and for that I’m grateful to all the people who have mistreated me.  J

What are the things in your life that you are taking for granted?  What are your daily doings that you can imbue with a deeper connection and appreciation?

Make a short list and invest in it.  By doing so you’ll be enriching your life in ways you have never considered before.

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