Are You Living In Fear?

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Much has happened lately that has kept me away from writing my blogs.  A couple of weeks ago my 86 year old dad contracted a very serious pneumonia.  It was touch and go there for a while.  It was stressful, painful and transformative.

First, let me just say that as of a couple of days ago, he is stable.  Yesterday he sat up for the first time in three weeks and today he has made his first sounds.

While at his age, contemplating the end of a relationship is not out of the ordinary, when the situation does present itself it brings about much fear, acceptance and contemplation.

Fear, because death brings change in the status quo.  What I used to think as my parents will turn into a parent.  Their home – where I stay at when I visit – will feel different. And my mother will also have to change.  How’s that all going to affect me?  What kind of losses will I have?

Acceptance, because there is nothing that can be done about it.  Death when it makes its entrance does not leave until it takes the guest of honor with them.

Contemplation, is the beauty in all of this.  It is when we can turn loss into wisdom.

Life is a journey of experiences – good and bad.  A rich life means a life of experiences and so we must know loss as much as happiness.  Finding the positive in the negative is a huge step in personal freedom and wisdom.

We have to accepting what presents itself to us with courage and calm.  If we do, it can elevate us to a different level of life experience.  One where we see our journey as a whole instead of unrelated instances.

I’m not saying it is easy.  And I’m not saying I have mastered it.  But while facing with the possibility of losing my dad, I had glimpses of a bigger life in which loss was an important part of living and it should be embrace as such.

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