Learning To Go Through Life Changes

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Photo by Angie Rubin

Life changing changes require sticking with what’s going on.  No easy task.  It means being uncomfortable.  It means having your heart jump every time somebody calls or says something.  And it means no going back. If you can withstand the pressure, then like a phoenix you will raise from your old self into your new self.

I am going through such a time myself.  The pillars of my life are being shaken.  Intellectually I know where I need to go, but now is the time to take myself there also emotionally and psychologically.  I must confess it isn’t easy.  But I have not given up on what I know to be right.  So I’m going through the stress of one foot here and one foot there; meaning one foot in the old self and one foot in the new self.  But I am fully aware if I put my two feet in the old self, I will only find myself again in this same situation in some time in the future.  But if I do endure the anxiety and the fear all the way till I cross to the other side, I will have accomplished my own transformation.

As we are born, we struggle to come out and to breathe.  Birth is mostly a struggle.  But all that make through the fight are rewarded with life. And so is with every big change; it is the process of transformation.  If you make it through, you become more of who you truly are as you get in better synch with life.  If you don’t, you start to thread through the days.

Courage and determination are the requirements.  If you are facing a life challenge, don’t be afraid.  Make your way through it.  I promise you, life will be different in a good way.

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