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Reading the below post today, reminded me of the importance of giving ourselves space to just be.

We live in a world where productivity is venerated as if it was a god of sorts.  The busier we are the more we feel a sense of meaning and importance.  We often ask of ourselves 16 – 18 hours a day of producing without any regards to its consequences.

While in its essence being productive is an admirable quest, its execution is highly flawed because it leaves out quality.

Think about this: two writers are given a task to come up with an original idea for a book.  One writer sits in front of the computer, and starts writing.  After a few hours this writer is stuck, but he stays in front of his computer fighting through the wall he has hit. He gets tired, frustrated and his work suffers.

The second writer when hitting that same wall gets away from his computer and goes for a walk.  He is not back until half hour before the work is due.  But when he is back he sits down and with renewed energy finishes his assignment.

Our minds need time and space to function at a certain level of quality.  Working 60 hours a week and filling up every awaken moment does not equal quality and creation.  So give yourself a break and leave time for your mind to wonder. If you let it, it will perform miracles in your life.

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By Rick Hanson, PH. D.

Once upon a time, a scholar came to visit a saint. After the scholar had been orating and propounding for a while, the saint proposed some tea. She slowly filled the scholar’s cup: Gradually the tea rose to the very brim and began spilling over onto the table, yet she kept pouring and pouring. The scholar burst out: “Stop! You can’t add anything to something that’s already full!” The saint set down the teapot and replied, “Exactly.”  Continued…

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