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Posted below is an interesting post about the meaning of life. The central idea is there is no meaning out there to be found, but only the meaning we make.

I fully agree with the post. You can give two different people a set of circumstances and they will feel and react differently.  One person might find meaning in the situation.  The other may not.  So what makes these two people feel differently? Who they are.  What they bring to the experience.

Meaning is a very personal experience. I may find meaning in writing while someone else could experience it as sheer hell. That is why no one can tell another how to live their lives in order to find meaning and contentment.  Actually to me meaning equals contentment.

If you are doing things in your life that make feel engaged, worthy, and in synch with everything else; you are content.  It doesn’t have to be anything like finding the cure for cancer or being the president of the United States.  But it has all to do with finding actions and ideas that you can fully embrace.  We find them and we give them meaning.

The other ingredient that is fundamental to meaning is our relationship with the self.  If I haven’t spent enough time with my own self and I’ve let the opinions of others be as important as mine, it will be difficult to give meaning to anything until I can pull back the layers and find my true self.

It is with this true self that meaning can take place in our daily lives.  Playing with dogs, a well prepared meal, the sunset, helping someone, making art, making money or anything else can have meaning to each one of us.

Contentment is possible to each one of us right now.  It doesn’t depend on anybody else or anything else.  Embrace this as a concept and watch your life transform.

Meaning Explained

By Eric Maisel Ph.D.

When our younger daughter came home from college one year, she presented me with a coffee mug. The motto on the coffee mug read: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

“Isn’t that your philosophy in a nutshell?” she laughed. She was exactly right…Continued

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