Finding Inspiration In Appreciation

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Photo by Angie Rubin

I was looking at my computer screen wondering what I would write about today.  Looking for inspiration I went to the Huffington Post and read about the 43 celebrities that live or have lived with depression.  I thought; that’s nice but I’m in no mood to write about depression.  The truth being I was feeling a little sad myself.

I was thinking about my life’s journey; a childhood full of life and excitement, a young adult life marred with sadness, a discovery of love, and great loss.  In essence my thoughts were not helping my staying away from feeling blue. Then I saw the video below and in an instant all the sadness was gone.

The video of an Australian TV program shows a young man, who was found in a shoe box with his brother in Iraqi, and brought to Australia by a woman who adopted both. He was on the show to sing Imagine by John Lennon.  As the teenager tells his story we see that he and his brother have many physical disabilities including no arms and deformed legs.  But a woman found love for them, took them in and together created a family.

There is much for us to be appreciative of and it doesn’t have to be the big things.  We don’t need to be crazy in love, or have the amazing job, or make a great living to be content today.  Sometimes the small things are the ones that remind us of the beauty and the range of possibility that each one of ours lives can experience. They are simple everyday possibilities like taking a moment to appreciate friendship, or the taste of an amazing slice of pie.

Please watch the video below of a young man who has found inspiration in appreciation.

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