Are You Living A Full Life?

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When we are kids we have fantasies of: “when I grow up I’m going to be a teacher, astronaut, president, firefighter etc.”  As we grow older those dreams change and turn into either more practical ones or more in tune with the person we have become.

Most of us will achieve some version of our “dream” and then settle in life.  We become attached to our victories, friends, and things.  But are we truly content?

Recently a friend of mine told me she was selling her home in Florida, leaving her relationship, and then taking a few months off to travel and figure out where she wants her life to go next.  Her email shocked me – not in a bad way – and so I asked myself why.

My friend is in her early to mid-forties.  She is neither a hippie nor new age.  She is a responsible “normal” looking woman.

I thought people in her age don’t usually turn a page like she is doing.  But what my friend is thinking about is her life as a whole.  She is thinking about the experiences that will keep her going, learning and experiencing.  She is deciding to change because the things, people, accomplishments she has now, no longer ignite her life.  She wants to achieve new dreams.

Now, of course it is easier for her as she has no kids but how many of us in our forties and older live lives of routine?  How many of us have settled on “dreams” that no longer work for us?  How many of us just go from one day to another without gusto?

Even if we don’t leave everything behind to start on new goals we can make changes within the structure we have.  Searching for activities and feelings that give meaning to our lives is the recipe for contentment.  It keeps us sharp and energized.

Take a moment and think about your life.  Are you content? Are there things you would like to change? How can you make a change? How can you energize your life?

Answering these questions honestly holds the key to an exciting life.  Once you have answered for yourself design a plan and follow through.

Having dreams that set us on a journey of every day learning is what the human experience should be about.

Don’t let life pass you by.

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