Reaching Freedom When The Ego No Longer Matters

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There comes a time we understand that our life is our own journey.  That is when the approval of others is no longer what drives our every day.  And that is when we come to know we no longer have anything to prove. What we have and know is our own existence. And that is what matters.

When we get to that point, when ego is no longer trying to explain and justify, there is a great rush of freedom.  From that moment on we give ourselves permission to move full ahead in our own lives without having to stop and please.

We no longer give our ego attention when it’s screaming in our ears to prove we are worthy.  It no longer matters because we know the truth.  Our lives are about experience and wisdom.  The way life happens and we behave and exist, it only matters to us.

I often hear such freedom comes with age.  But I hope that isn’t right.  I hope any adult can have the ability to understand we don’t live our lives to fulfill other people’s ideas or expectations of us.  Spending time showing and proving to others we are right or worthy or conforming to some social expectation, leads nowhere because they are other people’s ideas and needs.

Our energies should always be directed at living our lives according to our own truths.  From experience to experience using gained wisdom as our conduit, that is a life well lived.

Living to get approvals only gets us stuck in our ego’s jail.  “I need to show I’m right.”  “I need to show I’m worthy.”  “I need to show.”

Showing matters none.   Being matters all.

Wherever you are in your journey, concentrate your attention to self-reflection.  Defending your ego is not that important. Let others think what they want. Concentrate in what you think.  Concentrate in where you want to go.  That’s your journey.  Your truth.

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