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I was thinking about forgiveness – for oneself and others – when I came across the below post which discusses emotional intelligence which are the two sides of the same coin.

It is easy to get angry at others.  After all people think and feel in different ways.  But if we react negatively to every frustration we will most certainly end up alone.

So how do we deal with the gut reaction that wants us to confront others and take them to the mat? By using emotional intelligence and forgiving.

A childhood friend and one of my closest friends is unable to prioritize her life.  The result being that she’s often overwhelmed and angry.  If one tries to explain to her why she finds herself in this predicament she gets very defensive.  If one disagrees with her on her methodology she gets angry.  I could take her to the mat every time she reacts defensively but what would I get from it?  I love her and her friendship is important to me. So I find ways to speak to her that will keep her at ease while trying to help her with the situation at hand.  It takes wanting, patients and skill.

My friend’s example is a simple one. But the question to ask oneself before reacting is; what do I ultimately want out of this relationship or situation?  If you want something then you must use emotional intelligence and forgiveness.  What it means is that we must stop our explosive reaction and think about the best way to keep harmony.

If your next thought is why is that I am the one who needs to figure out a way to keep harmony the answer is simple: because you’re psychologically evolved enough to understand that sometimes proving a point is not the best outcome. And most importantly because your ego is so healthy you don’t need to show how much you know.

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When people think of intelligence, they normally think IQ test, which measures math, logic and verbal skills. But it turns out there’s another kind of intelligence that’s vital to your brain health and the wellbeing of those close to you: Emotional intelligence (EI). There are many measures of EI.

Simply, it’s your ability to relate and interact with others. This may seem like a natural skill, but it’s worth looking into exactly what emotional intelligence entails. After all, the quality of our social relationships are essential to maintaining our health and beauty…Continued

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