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We all need to work towards something.  That something can be just about anything; a house, a job, fitness, relationship.   It just needs to be something we can gather our energy and work towards.

These goals are important because they lay out our paths and help us focus.  It is in their pursuit that we will make our choices and gain knowledge.

Having goals is an end into itself.  Succeeding is a whole other ball game; nice but not necessary.

If my dream is to be a writer then as I write, create, and try to get to the next level, I fulfill my dream.  I strategize, I learn, I share. f my goal is to be successful and nothing else, then I don’t get to appreciate the process and most likely will feel like a loser if I don’t achieve a level of success that I find acceptable.

We don’t have control over outcomes.  We only have control of process. Attaching a sense of happiness and fulfillment to an outcome is a recipe for sadness.

On the other hand if I can enjoy every small achievement and stay in the present instead of ditching our successes because they don’t have enough fireworks then our lives will become vibrant experiences.

But unfortunately, we have learned to attach self-worth and meaning to material success and thus suffer its consequences.

Success is actually our own ability to feel content by our achievement – either small or large – and be fully present so we can enjoy them.  How many tremendously successful people are unhappy? Nothing is ever enough because the process is not enjoyed.

True success is an ability to share and to appreciate efforts. That is something we can all do.

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How to Set Goals Without Caring About the Outcome

By Margaret Paul Ph. D.

Are you confused between the difference between setting goals and being attached to outcomes? Learn the big difference between these two.

Many people experience confusion regarding the difference between setting goals and letting go of attachment to outcomes. A client and I were discussing being in the moment with her work, rather than stressing about the outcome. “Then how can you set goals for yourself? Everyone sets goals based on the outcome. Why else would you even set goals or try to accomplish anything?” Continued…

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